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September 2015

Welcome at this tuberous drosera page!

After a hot and extremely dry summer finally fall has arrived with lots of rain and much cooler temperatures. But even despite the high temperatures the early species started to appear in August (mosty some D. pallida forms), followed by more and more plants appearing in September. The first flower of this season was a D. zigzagia which is very early for this species. However, this was a single plant and I expect most of the other D. zigzagia to flower in winter.

Once more I significantly extended my growing space during the summer to make enough room for the plants. Let's see how long this will be sufficient as already last year I thought that I had extended my space enough for the mid term future. But I guess this is more or less the same story for all of us.

I made a few more photos during the past season and added them to the website now. Furthermore, some of the additional information I prepared for the presentations I gave at the EEE in Padova (September 2014) and Lyon (September 2015) as well as in Bonn (April 2015) is added to the growing section now. For instance, you will find a new page about the pot size.


Please respect that all texts and photos were created by me and may not be used without my permission.