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Well, some of you will know me from national or international meetings or as a regular visitor of the GFP or CPUK forums where I posted many pictures of tuberous drosera and other plants in the past. My name is Dieter Kadereit and I grow carnivorous plants for more than half of my life. I became interested in tuberous drosera about ten years ago. Not that much time comparing to some experts in the field, but in my opinion enough to summarize my observations. As you may have already guessed, the tuberous drosera are - together with pygmy drosera - currently the species I am most interested in.

For whatever reason I am somewhat unhappy about the partially very limited availability of many tuberous drosera species which caused me to intensify my attempts to get those plants propagated. For instance, I found a few fellow growers with the same interest who were willing to send pollen of those species back or forth, which need two different clones for pollination but both or at least on of us only had one clone in flower.
For the same reason, single tubers of some rarer species were exchanged which did or will allow for pollination of some species which are difficult to get hold of. Some of the resulting seeds were send experienced growers, others to growers willing to try in vitro propagation. Although not each and everything was successful, there is already some progress visible and through these efforts more and more species should become more readily available.
If you would like to participate in these efforts, please contact me.

Please respect that all texts and photos were created by me and may not be used without my permission.