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Growing season

During the growing season I keep the plants generally wet and give them as much light as possible. In the frost free months in the growing season I keep the plants outside fully exposed to sunshine and rain. Sometimes I need to water (by tray method) or I may have to protect them from drowning during some wetter weeks.

Once the temperatures may drop below 0 °C I bring the plants inside my wintergarden where they are somewhat more protected. The plants can deal with lighter frosts but below certain temperatures the plants may experience frost bites initially affecting growth points or flower buds. A further drop of temperatures may damage larger parts of the plants but even then the plant parts below the substrate surface may still be intact and produce either new growth or tubers. In any case it is recommended to keep the plants frost free.

Once I forgot to bring a tray with different climbing species out of the wintergarden during a cold night. At early morning I noticed my mistake and found the Drosera modesta droplets were all frozen whereas all other species in that tray had liquid dew drops. Some of the plants in that tray showed signs of frost damage later on but all recovered very well.
You will find a picture of the frozen Drosera modesta droplets in the picture section.

As the winters tend to be quite dark and grey where I live, I have some T5 tubes to give some extra light for about 10-11 hours per day. The combination of natural light levels plus fluorescent lights works very well and the plants look very healthy with these conditions. The plants will get the extra light from approximately november to march.

In spring I usually bring the plants outside again as the temperatures in the wintergarden may rise quite high on sunny spring days. I prefer to extend the growth period as long as possible which is why I carry the plants outside again.

I recently started to grow many plants in a dark room with T5 bulbs or LED stripes as the only light source. Once I have more experience with that method, I will add a section here.

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