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Tuberous sundews are well adapted to a habitat with a hot and dry summer and cool and rainy winter. These sundews just have a few months time to emerge, develop their full size and flower, let the seeds ripen and finally produce a new tuber to survive the next dry season. As a consequence they develop quite quickly during the growth season which really is amazing to watch.

Although their growth is already quite impressive, it is also interesting to watch these plants to catch their prey. If you visit the Drosera rupicola page, you will find a set of photos showing the tentacle movement during the first hour after catching a fly.
I am growing tuberous drosera for about 10 years now and still can not get enough. On the following pages I summarize my experience with these plants.

Questions like "how can I keep the plants alive?", "are they difficult to grow?" or "which are good beginner species?" are quite often asked in online forums or during discussions on CP meetings. The goal of this page is to answer such questions and to summarize the important aspects of the culture. I hope, however, I am also able to offer some informations for those already more advanced in this field.

What might that be? I intend to post many of my pictures although that will take some time to complete. The gallery will continue to grow and eventually contain pictures of plants you will hopefully find beautiful, but also some pictures showing characteristics of certain species or subspecies.
For those interested in growing these plants from seeds I summarized the results of my germination experiments in the seed germination guide which may offer some useful advice.

I hope you will find these pages interesting to read and I would be happy about any kind of feedback (contact email).

Please respect that all texts and photos were created by me and may not be used without my permission.