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New Developments

The intention of this page is to summarize changes in the literature. I am afraid, it will never be exhausting and certainly not satisfying to everyone as some of those changes listed below will continue to be discussed by experts in the field. However, this list may help to reduce the level of confusion caused by changes of names.

Summary of changes by Allen Lowrie's Magnum Opus
New species rank and/or new names:
D. bulbosa ssp. bulbosa now D. bulbosa
D. bulbosa ssp. major now D. major
D. erythrorhiza ssp. collina now D. collina
D. erythrorhiza ssp. erythrorhiza now D. erythrorhiza
D. erythrorhiza ssp. magna now D. magna
D. erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa now D. squamosa
D. gigantea ssp. genicatula now D. genicatula
D. gigantea ssp. gigantea now D. gigantea
D. macrantha ssp. eremaea now D. eremaea
D. macrantha ssp. macrantha now D. macrantha
D. macrantha ssp. planchonii now D. planchonii
D. macrophylla ssp. macrophylla now D. macrophylla
D. macrophylla ssp. monantha now D. monantha
D. menziesii ssp. basifolia now D. basifolia
D. menziesii ssp. menziesii now D. menziesii
D. menziesii ssp. penicillaris now D. drummondii
D. menziesii ssp. thysanosepala now D. thysanosepala

New species
D. calycina (microphylla complex)
D. esperensis (microphylla complex)
D. gracilis (peltata complex)
D. hirsuta (macrantha complex)
D. indumenta (macrantha complex)

Species now considered synonymous
D. neesii ssp. borealis synonymous to D. neesii ssp. neesii, therefore now D. neesii

Description of D. bulbosa ssp. coronata by Robert Gibson
Publication: Robert Gibson, Drosera bulbosa subsp. coronata (Droseraceae) from the northern goldfields region of Western Australia, Telopea 2013, 15, 99106; (file size 2.4 MB).
In case the link does not work properly, please go to the Telopea page, choose "View contents" and then "Volume 15 2013" and look for Robert Gibson as the author.

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