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Due due personal obligations I have very limited time to send anything at the moment. Therefore, I close all offers. Sorry for this.

offer closed

offer closed

If you are interested to receive an email notification once new seeds or tubers are listed on this page, please sign up for the mailing list.

Please note that certain import restrictions may apply in your country. Depending on the country you live in you may not be allowed to import live plants including tubers into your country without certain documentation (like a phytosanitary certificate). I will be able to add such a certificate, but I have yet to find out how much that will cost.
Seeds are often allowed to be imported without much documentation, but to avoid any complications I suggest that you inform yourself about your country's legislation before placing an order. Just to give one example: seed import in the US is allowed in small quantities (maximum of 50 seeds per portion and not more than 50 portions - once you have aquired an import permit. See here:
In some countries just a selected list of species can be imported (e.g. in Australia). Therefore, please check your import regulations.

Sales list:
A regularly updated list with all plants currently available can be found here. Please understand that I can only ship life plants to a limited number of countries (like the EU members) depending on the import/export regulations.

How to order:
Please send an email to and list the seeds and tubers you are interested in. Do not forget to add a meaningful title like "tuber order" or the like to avoid your request ending up in some spam folder.
Please add alternative sizes for tubers if those would be of interest in case your first choice is no longer available. In some cases I only have single tubers or a single seed portion to spare.
Finally, please indicate your preferred payment method.

Shipping costs:
Seeds: usually 1.20 € for regular air mail letters. If several pages of documentation are required, it will be most likely 2 €. The seeds will be send in a regular letter with some padding for protection. Large orders may be send in a cardboard box (then shipping cost as for tubers).
Tubers: usually 2 € (Germany) or 4.50 € (rest of the world) for regular air mail service. The tubers will be send in a cardboard shipping box. The box size will depend on tuber size and number.
There will be free shipping for orders exceeding 45 € plant/seed value (regular air mail service). Shipping including registered mail service will be free for shipments exceeding 80 € in plant/seed value.

Registered mail service (= tracking code): optional, will cost additional 2.80 €. Please check the DHL website or a similar website for tracking information (tracking code and sometimes shipping date required).
Other services may be added on request depending on availability (express delivery or the like).

Payment options:
Bank transfer: I will send the bank account information by email with the confirmation of your order
Paypal: I will send my paypal adress with the confirmation of the seed/tuber availability. Please do not send any money earlier than that.